Case 3. How to Stop Losing Clients?
Let's find it out using the report "Reasons for Refusal".

Closing a deal is an extremely difficult process that can last from a week to several months. And when a client leaves at one of the funnel stages, a very important question arises – why?

Based on our experience, as well as on the experience of companies that contacted us, the situation is that 80% of customers will no longer contact you, if:

  • They did not agree with the terms of the offer.
  • They were not satisfied with the quality of service.
  • You did not call back.
  • You called at the wrong time.
At the same time, the issues may not be in you at all, but in the client, when there is no money, a niche has not come up, and he stopped communications.

Even more disappointing is the fact that at least 50% of those who did not succeed wanted to buy the product.

What should be done in order not to waste the budget? - Implement analytics.

The report that we will present below has already helped our partners to solve the problem, and even to increase their income up to 300% from month to month.

What the report will help to identify:

  • Which of the managers sells the best and vice versa.
  • Which of the sources brings more income – the more visitors, the more sales.
  • For what reason the lead did not go through the funnel to success.
  • Which of the projects is more profitable: brings more income and requires fewer resources for its implementation.
  • Which of the customer groups will request less time for implementation and, at the same time, more often reach the sale stage.
For the sake of convenience, use the arrow at the bottom right to expand the report to full screen. All buttons are active.

What for is this tool necessary?

    Without analysis it is almost impossible to find the reason, why a customer fell off the funnel.

    We created a tool that will find the exact location of the problem and give the maximum amount of relevant information to solve it. That means that the tool will help to:

    Improve the work of managers, which means to increase conversion to sales by 40%.
    Determine which sources are not working properly, and reduce budget costs by up to 30%.
    Find the most problematic areas of the funnel, elaborate them and reduce losses
    Choose products that do not generate income and remove them. Allocate time, effort and money to those products that are sold more often.
    A simple example:

    • Conversion to success across all products = 5%.
    • Average check = 12 000 rubles.
    • Number of clients = 1000 (in a month),
    • Suppose the transaction cycle is 1 day.
    First, we calculate the monthly turnover: 1 0000,0512 000 rub.=600 000 rub.

    This is under the given conditions.

    Next, let's look at the reasons for refusal. We see that one of the reasons takes 30% of all. We are starting to work on its elimination.

    We make management decisions, and we reduce the loss % due to "X" reason by 5% points, and we get an increase in throughput (increase in conversion to payment) by the same 5% (approximately).

    We get an increase in sales conversion: 1 0000,112 000 rub.=1200 000 rub.

    Although the calculations given are a little bit approximate, but the essence, benefits and potential of this report are clear to the naked eye!

    The report can be:

    1. Changed according to your conditions.
    2. Adapted for a mobile version.
    3. Adapted for any CRM system, including 1C.
    4. Combined with other reports.
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