Case 1.Mobile Application Advertising Agency Case.
Hi, I am Alexey Vertkov, a digital analyst in the company "numbers". I will tell you about the case in which we achieved a 350% increase in the revenue, having radically changed the entire sales system in 1 month.

The symptoms are simple: chaotic loss of customers and profits at different stages.

The reasons are: clutter in the sales department; there is no system for tracking failures, up to the formation of holes - new painful points.

A few words about the company we are talking in the case: the core businesses of it are promotion of applications on marketplaces and the purchase of traffic.

The problem: there is no stable analytical system. The data are not linked and fitted together. It is impossible to find the manager or the process that screws up. All data are stored in the amoCRM application.

Some Indicators for Current Clients:

• More than 70% — buy once.
• More than 50% — do not return.
• More than 40% — would be happy to return, but the sales department loses this opportunity.
• More than 60% — did not see "care" on behalf of the company.
• More than 35% — did not find advantages as compared to competitors.

What Was Before:

• Narrow sales department, no subdivision.
• Minimum of specialists: 2 lead generators, 1 sales manager.
• amoCRM – is used but gives no result.

What Should Come After:

• The department is divided into blocks.

• Reports on KPI and analytics, individually for each sub-department and manager created.

• A staff of profile managers has been formed.

Result: 350% revenue growth.

Applications Used:

• amoCRM – tracking system.
• PowerBI – visualization instrument.
• myBI Connect – information retrieval and collection.
• Google Sheets – population with KPI data.

Work Done:

As we already mentioned, initially it was necessary to divide the entire sales department into blocks that could interact with each other. This will give managers more freedom to focus on their tasks and execute the plan. After that, create additional funnels in amoCRM and set a connection by adding new blocks. Further, the plan was to create a "competitive" atmosphere so that every manager could perform at his best. For this it was necessary to track KPIs. Each part received 3 reports:

1. KPI dynamics summary report.

2. A summary report on KPIs with bonuses and output to the display panel in the office. So that employees could see their progress.

3. Report on the ranking of "winners". The set of certain indicators makes it possible to choose the best manager at some stage. Then he is displayed on the panel with his average indicator. As a result he gets bonuses. The employee sees the results, understands strengths and weaknesses. It also eliminates questions such as "why is it he and not me?"

We retrieved data from amoCRM with the help of MyIB Connect. This part is simple, since you need to create a connection, configure it, and then everything is added to the data store with understandable data.

And finally, we draw up high-quality visualization in Power BI, which will fit the design of the company. We put the received data together and get solution with answers to the questions. It is important to correctly choose the output values and not to play too long with them.

1. Lead Generators
It is the first guard that "takes the hit". It deals with requests and cold leads. It focuses on getting the people interested.


• Number of successes forwarded to the next stage.
• Average quality rating for calls.
• Average call back time.
• PlanNed/actual percentage of missed calls.
• PlanNed/actual transactions processing violations, inside the analytical system.
• PlanNed/actual tasks violations.

2. Sales-managers
They take the client from a lead generator, after success. They negotiate with the client about his desires: volume, clickbaits, advertising, advertising parameters and price. They fix conditions, conclude the agreement and transfer the project to work.


• Sales in rubles.
• Number of business transactions sent.
• The quality of calls made.
• Percentage of uncompleted tasks.
• Percentage of correctly filled in transactions.

        3. Account-managers:
        This department takes data from the sales department, follows up with customers, upsells (sells the similar services) and cross-sells (sells other suitable ones). Negotiations are held with the client until permanent cooperation.


        • NPS sales and the quality of calls.
        • Number of failed tasks.
        • The quality of correctly filled in transactions.
        4. Quality Department .
        Even the department that monitors the work needs to be monitored. A special report has been created for it, with other indicators that, in our opinion, are especially interesting.


        • Completed tasks, completed plan.
        • Control violations.
        • Violations of regulations for completed tasks.
        • Plan for lost appeals filed by managers for mistakes.

          Summary Results
          We achieved control in each of the subdivisions.
          Now managers understand their tasks, estimate the relevant time to complete them, achieve personal goals, and subsequently, the general ones.
          Consistency in tasks execution.
          Harmony came to the sales department exactly when the processes took on a consistent form.
          Understanding of what is happening on the basis of the received data.
          Finding a manager who fulfilled the plan or relaxed and forgot about it became a reality. This made it possible to identify problems in tasks and their implementations in detail.
          We added game mechanics that improved sales.
          Every employee began to understand how his actions are assessed. He sees a dashboard that is regularly updated, presenting information about every block and every manager.
          We received income.
          Thanks to the implemented analytics system, the income grew up to 350% in just a month after implementation. And the flow of customers has doubled.
          It is worth reminding that these reports can be easily integrated into your processes, of course, with indispensable helpers: creativity, experience and Power BI.
          I also want to
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