Case 2. Аnalytics in an online school.
Today I will tell you about how to increase the flow of customers 3 times, taking an online school as an example.

About the client:

Talking about the popular principle of work, we mean the scheme of online schools when the funnel is built in the following way:

1. The traffic is directed to the landing page.
2. There is a form with webinar registration there.
3. Part of the traffic is eliminated; the other part comes to the webinar.
4. The audience watches the webinar containing the sales part.
5. If interested, they submit an application.
6. The application gets into the funnel, where managers see and process it.
7. Further, after payment access to the course is granted.

This scheme is relatively simple, BUT only if there is an analytical data collection system, in our case it is amoCRM. And we know that it is the system that redirects requests and other data that must be processed urgently. The landing page is hosted on the Tilda platform, with built-in Google Analytics. The webinar itself takes place on Bizon 365. And the course is on GetCourse. This funnel also uses a Sales bot.

In the beginning, the client did not have any CRM-system at all, and the incoming information was processed manually by 2 managers. They entered information into Excel files, 1c and even paper notepads. This work was painstaking, hard, and involved high risks of losing data during collection. On the other hand, the so called "human factor" added to the mess. There were many traffic sources. The school could not do without these data while measurement is a true source of growth and development.

About the task:

The main goal was to create full end-to-end analytics, but the first challenge was to implement amoCRM – the foundation for collecting data from all sources.

Thus, we needed:

  • Statistics
  • Automation
  • Time

Accordingly, it was necessary to analyze business processes, the backbone of everything. We had to determine which ones should be included in the CRM-system, to discard processes that cannot be automated and those that simply interfered.

Next, we needed to collect all the data in the storage. This task implied a little difficulty. There were many data sources, they were different and required unification. But any difficulty gives a reason to overcome it. And that is what we did.

We used the following traffic sources:TikTok, VK, MyTarget, Yandex, Google, Telegram, YouTube, and mailing services. We collected nearly all data using myBI Connect in the shared data storage for further visualization in Power BI.

After the main support for analytics was put into order, it was necessary to deal with the data that we wanted to visualize as a result and see in reports:

  1. Key traffic data in different views for the targeting department.
  2. Summary data for managers and executives.
  3. Data on sales of managers in expanded form.
  4. Classic sales funnel.

We also added data verification in each report that can be used in case there are doubts in data reliability.

Further we proceeded to the visual part, not only design but also usability.

To sum up

What was before:

  1. Lost time collecting information manually.
  2. Incorrect data due to the lack of a collection system.
  3. Lost customers and profits.

About 30% of companies face such problem.

What should come after:

  1. Digitized, aggregated data on customer actions.
  2. End-to-end analytics at all stages.
  3. Fast and reliable data acquisition.


  1. amoCRM – tracking system.
  2. MS Power BI – visualization instrument.
  3. myBI Connect – information retrieval and collection.

We will immediately show the final result and then comment on each report. For more convenient viewing, expand the report by clicking the button at the bottom right.

1. Targeting Report
This is the most important report. This is a report on the collection of traffic from all possible sites. The task of this dashboard is to show data from the spent ruble to ROMI (return on marketing investment) and LTV (customer lifetime value).

The first thing is the collection of information from different platforms about the funds spent, respectively, involving different contractors and currencies. The myBI Connect system helped us in currency conversion, a fairly simple function without complications in the add-on.

Next, we introduce selection by cohorts for the subsequent analysis of all the necessary metrics. This makes it possible not only to observe the results by attribute, but also to predict indicators for subsequent periods. The report shows the dynamics and the possibility of comparison:

  • By clicks – all client transitions to the landing page.
  • By days – what has been reached in the selected period of time.
  • By costs – cost of a click, a lead, or a transaction.
  • By contractors – it is really possible to track the quality and time of their work.
  • By traffic sources – tracking all resources from which traffic dropped, as well as conversions.
  • By going so far as to webinars – we find out which traffic or contractor gives the maximum conversion.

The report has cross-filtering, as well as constant data updating.

2. Summary report for the head of department
The next report that has been implemented shows the cash flow ratios and percentages from the previous dashboard. It is a classic scheme that allows analyzing actual situations. The dashboard is updated on every day basis.

Main indicators:
  • Average check;
  • Average check after additional payments;
  • Leads;
  • ROMI1 and ROMI 2;
  • LTV1 and LTV2;
  • Traffic;
  • Summary data on revenue, expense, prepayments, and margin.

        3. Manager report
        Here we have implemented the display of data at different stages of interaction with the client. At this point, it is tracked where and who "stumbles", and what measures need to be taken to improve the situation.

        • Number of leads;
        • Number of sales;
        • Average check;
        • ROMI1 and ROMI 2;
        • Planned values, actual values, as well as the remainder to achieve the plan;
        • Success conversions with cross filtration by weekly summaries.

        We did not lose the idea of displaying reports on the screen, directly in the office, for managers. This dashboard that managers see forms game mechanics and helps to achieve and implement plans, increasing the effectiveness of each of them.

        4. Funnel
        A funnel is the right tool for making profit and analyzing the effectiveness of work. It is especially useful for the sales department. Here we see the stages, marketing fails at:

        • How advertising works;
        • Load of the sales department;
        • Flow of leads;

        A funnel implies setting any data views:

        • By product.
        • By sales channel.
        • By employees.
        • By clients.
        • By name, etc.

          Summary Results
          There are two main metrics in any product that you need to pay attention to: CAC and LTV.
          We implemented amoCRM.
          Managers who spent most of their time parsing data from different sources got their hands free. Now each of the managers could focus precisely on achieving their goals.
          Provided detailed and precise analytics.
          It became possible to analyze data for every metric from every source, including tracking conversions to find weak points. To see information in different views, assess the situation in the sales department and make forecasts for a month ahead.
          Showed managers their results.
          Every manager began to see his results displayed on the dashboard in the office. If an employee works remotely, he received a link to his performance indicators. The game processes involved brought results in the form of the achievements of everyone. Accordingly, conversions, customers, and income began to grow.
          Found weak points of the funnel and fostered results.
          They are based on all 3 reports, but the funnel played a decisive role. The data brought not just a result, but a result that could be assessed. It became possible to make conclusions, to find problems and solve them. As soon as we strengthened weak points, and the leads stopped being lost halfway through, the flow of customers increased 3 times, and the revenue began to grow constantly.
          We received income.
          Thanks to the implemented analytics system, the income grew up to 350% in just a month after implementation. And the flow of customers has doubled.
          It is worth reminding that these reports can be easily integrated into your processes, of course, with indispensable helpers: creativity, experience and Power BI.
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