We will increase profitability of your business by 1.5 times

Thanks to the system of automatic collection and visualization of your company's business processes data in the PowerBI environment, you will always see points of growth and be able to increase the efficiency of your business by 50% - Calculate the cost.

Is there a chaos in the sales department?

Solution: We will implement key indicators for assessing managers.
Tool: KPI Dashboard
Result: Up to 120% to the profit

Do managers lack motivation?

Solution: We will implement the competition system for your managers
Tool: Dashboard - contest
Result: Up to 55% to the profit

Do you lose clients?

Solution: We will implement a system of control and retention of your customers.
Tool: Dashboard – clients
Result: Up to 85% to the profit

Do your managers screw up?

Solution: We will implement a self-control system for work processes
Tool: Dashboard – screw-ups
Result: Up to 35% to the profit

Are you tired of reports in Excel?

Solution: We will implement an interactive and self-updating system of end-to-end analytics of your business processes
Tool: Dashboard - business processes
Result: Up to 93% to the profit

Don't you know your ROI?

Solution: We will implement the system of end-to-end marketing analytics
Tool: Dashboard – marketing
Result: Up to 49% to the profit

Need a transparent LTV?

Solution: We will implement indicator calculation automatic system with a forecast
Tool: Dashboard - LTV
Result: Up to 180% to the profit

Are Analysis of ABC and XYZ cumbersome and incomprehensible?

Solution: We will implement an interactive report with user-friendly navigation.
Tool: Dashboard – ABC
Result: Up to 53% to the profit

Find out your real numbers
One click to easily understandable business analytics
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Our partners
Our company is the official partner of Microsoft Power BI. All models are built on the basis of automatic downloading and modeling of connections of the MyBi Connect service. The main specialization of the company is the amoCRM CRM system.

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Our central office is located in St. Petersburg. The company operates all over the world.

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